Classes To Come

Classes in this section are under development. If you see a class that you are interested in, you may request and see if its possible to present it for your event.

Breaking Bad Body Image
No matter how we actually are, many of us are obsessed with how we look. Are we too fat, skinny, hairy, boney, or are we ever just right? Stereotypes and media influence us to look to change ourselves on the outside, to find a perfection that doesn’t exist but can if we look for it inside. Find a place where you can be happy with who you are, and love yourself completely, whatever shape you’re in.

Decisive Dating
We find ourselves falling into the same pattern again and again in our choice of intimate connections and in our fears regarding romance and intimacy. How is it that we always end up with the same type? What are we attracted to, where does that come from, and how can we choose relationships that are right for us and sustainable. Learning which end is up will allow for us to have more control over our dating life, and who we are attracting to us.

Yay, Im Horny! Harnessing our Hot Desires
There is a certain motivation that comes from being sexually turned on that can be extremely invigorating, or potentially destructive. Learn how to use that sexy ambition in a positive way to achieve great heights orgasmically and in our everyday lives.

Finding Love for the Alpha Female
Are you a go getter? A highly functioning powerful female? Do people tell you what a catch you are but you cant seem to catch anything in the love department? Do you have everything going for you, but no one going the distance with you? Examine our motives and redirect our energies so we can be just as successful in matters of the heart as we are in all other aspects of our powerful existences!

Danger of Being Dirty: How to Overcome Societal Shame
In our world, we are not often given the permission to be the sexual beings that we are. We learn to hide our true identities, and in a society where cheating is the norm, we are encouraged to live secret lives. Thru looking deep into our own shame patterns, and finding like communities of support, we are able to live out the authenticity of our sexual identities in a clear and healthy way.

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