General Classes

Casual Intimacy: Deep Connection without Ultimate Expectation
There are times in our lives when an intense relationship is not what we’re up for, but we still crave sex and meaningful connection. Can we experience hot intentional intimacy without having our hearts broken? In this interactive workshop we hone in on what we want out of our intimate relationships, and learn how to delight in the moment without getting caught up in it.

Conscious Kissing
Kissing is the most accessibly intimate practice in our society, and while it may seem simple, it has the potential to rock our worlds! There is an art to kissing that is delicious, invigorating, and can lead to immense amounts of pleasure and passion. Whether you’re an expert, or could use a few tips, this exciting class will help increase your sensitivity and build on what you already know, or think you do! Bring a partner to practice with, or come to watch and learn.

Class can be followed by
Kissing Documentary & Make Out Games
Filmed on the streets of NYC, and various NE places, Spyce's Kissing Documentary takes you on an underground tour of a Kisstravaganza! Raw, sexy, and fun, it reminds you of all the kisses you've ever had, laugh over the ones you wish you hadn't had, and long for the ones you've always wanted. 30 min

Join us post-film for fun and sexy Kissing Games, demos, and make-outparty facilitated by Kissing Activist Spycey Spyce. Spyce made a documentary on kissing, had a kissing art car, hosted kissing parties, set up kissing spaces, and has been playing Spin the Bottle since she was 12 yrs old.

* Requires ability to show a DVD movie with sound

From Fantasy to Fulfillment, Roleplay to Reality
Living out fantasies can be sexy and exhilarating! But how often do we stop ourselves from achieving them with the idea that its just not possible? Examining our fantasies and processing thru them can be fulfilling and healing. This interactive workshop goes on a fun adventure to discover how to consciously take our desires into our own hands and achieve success and awareness by turning our fantasy lives into a reality!

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