Kink Classes

Fearless Fetish: Using Kink to Heal

We all have pain from past experiences that can get in the way of us having healthy relationships in the present. We may want to create more intense experiences in our lives to harness that pain. By channeling our kinky desires in a intentional way, we can move thru our pain and come out the other side.

I Love Screwing Daddy: Nurturing in Sexual AgePlay
Often care and nurturing that come with ageplay are not mixed with the more sexually charged aspects of roleplay. Utilizing all these aspects can create a strong bond that allows for deeper release and introspection. Examine how creating a bridge with nurturing and sex can be a way to bond together all ageplayers.

I Want You in My Mouth: Oral Fetishes
They say the brain is the largest sex organ, and one of the ways that our brain processes things is by what we put in our mouths. Whether its licking, sucking, biting, or talking, there are many ways we can use this phenomenal cavity in our bodies to create and increase our ecstasy. Take your oral fixation to the next level in this fun and interactive class.

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