Non-Monogamy Classes

I Love You All: Single and Poly
Being single in the land of Polyamory doesn’t mean that dating is any easier. While some may think this kind of dating style will give you more options, its not always the case. How to come out to potential dates, bridge the communication gaps, and enter into the relationships you truly desire.

You’re All Mine: Possessiveness in Poly
There are many aspects of jealousy that can arise in a polyamorous situation and they each may point to a different part of our psyches that we need to look at. The concept of “mine” is taught to us early on and the desire to own something is inherent in all of us. Dissect your emotions and learn how to meet with your partners in a place that is healthy and happy for all.

* Please note that all series classes can be taught as individual classes, but some are better as part of a series. If you are interested in a specific class within a series, just ask!

Polyamory 2 Part Series
1) Down the Rabbit Hole: Expanding Relationship Options
Sometimes we find that the options we’ve been given to relate to people romantically is not working for us. Can we move forward in a way that illuminates our true identity? Start the investigation to discover a natural, but rarely used way to relate, date, mate and create conscious and loving relationships. Set a new course for yourself and those you love, free from cheating and messy breakups.

2) Riding the Wave: Navigating Non Monogamy
We’ve decided to take the plunge in consciously creating our intimate relationships in a healthy way, but what life rafts do we need along the way to keep us afloat? While poly is possible, any kind of relationship is not effortless, and the more you put into it, the more you will be able to receive. Examine guidelines and trusted methods to help make the ins and outs of this relationship style do-able for everyone!

Polyamory 6 Part Series
1) Down the Rabbit Hole: Expanding Relationship Options
Often times the options we’re given in society to relate romantically doesn’t work for many of us. Take a deep look within to discover if adopting this age old, but rarely practiced, concept will help you create the healthy, and meaningful connections you desire.

2) Talk it Out: Creating Clear Communication
When you think you’ve told your partner everything, you just may need to tell them more. Being open about your feelings and learning how to do so from a state of objectivity and self aware vulnerability is key to maintaining harmonious open dialogues with your partners.

3) Get What You Want & Go with the Flow: Negotiating Boundaries
The joy to an open scenario is creating a framework that works for you and those you are connecting with. Knowing what that is provides a foundation that is safe sexually as well as emotionally and mentally.

4) Managing the Green-Eyed Monster: Redefining Jealousy
Jealousy in a natural human emotion, and one of the hardest ones to deal with. No matter how long we practice, jealousy may always return. Its not about changing the feeling, but about changing the reaction. Learn how we can examine and redevelop our feelings in order to live the most full lives possible and allow our romantic partners to do the same.

5) Lots of Lovin: Nurturing ALL your Connections
The more people you have intimately in your life, the more diligent you must be about managing your relationships with them. And then there are your partner’s partners. How to be inclusive and caring, without losing any excitement, intimacy, or sense of identity.

6) Takin it to the Streets: Coming out and Living Proud
Its easier to be open in a safe community of like minded people, but what about society at large that may not understand your way of relating? How to be deeply rooted in our own personas so we can be our authentic selves to everyone that we know.

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